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Derek lives near Southport in the North West of England with his wife Gwen. They share their home with their two dogs – Jack, a Standard Poodle, and Penny, a German Shepherd Dog.    Derek has always been a keen fish-keeper and is very proud of his Koi carp but recently he developed an interest in keeping chickens and ducks.    His daily routine whilst at home now includes looking after the flock he was given for his birthday in 2011.

Over the years Derek has achieved international success with his television, radio and personal appearances across the United Kingdom, Europe, the Middle East, Australia, New Zealand and the U.S.A. He has conducted telephone consultations for people all over the world.   His books have been translated into many languages including Mandarin and Russian.

Derek’s first supernatural experience came as a child when the spirit of his late grandfather visited him. When young Derek told his grandmother she was not surprised as Derek was to learn that she herself was a medium. His early career was playing football with teams such as the legendary Bill Shankly’s Liverpool Football Club.   After leaving LFC he played for clubs such as Stockport, Wrexham and Glen Toran before leaving the UK shores to join the then premier Australian team USC Lion.

When Derek’s football career ended he returned to England and to his home town of Liverpool. He attempted finding a suitable niche in life but was never settled. His psychic powers were always with him and after a while he became a full time Spirit Medium based in his home city of Liverpool.

In the days when Derek was conducting one-to-one sittings, initially from a small shop premises in the Wavertree area of Liverpool and then subsequently from his office in Liverpool City Centre, nobody dreamed that the cheerful Scouse medium would one day grace their television screens. Only Derek and one or two noted mediums on the Liverpool circuit knew that Spirit “had something special” lined up for him. It was Lilian Starr who first told him “I can see your name in lights”. In those days Derek was surprised and wondered what on earth she meant. He had no idea that Mrs. Starr’s words would one day be borne out. All he had was his faith in the world and the word of Spirit.

As the years passed by, Derek’s popularity grew. Word went far and wide about the medium from Liverpool – “Acorah” was his name – and he was “the best”. It happened that one day a researcher for Granada Breeze, the satellite arm of Granada Television in Manchester, telephoned Derek. She explained that she worked on a programme called “Livetime”, a daily magazine programme presented by Becky Want. It being National Tea Week the following week, she had the idea that it would be different to invite a psychic on to the programme to talk about the reading of tea leaves. “But I’m not a tea leaf reader” was Derek’s immediate response. The researcher was not interested in the finer points of psychic abilities. She explained that her aunt had visited Derek at his office and had received a superlative one-to-one reading. In her opinion only Derek would be able to fit the bill for the programme.

And so it happened that in 1996 Derek presented himself at the Granada Breeze studios in Manchester. That one appearance on “Livetime” was enough to send the telephone lines in to melt down. The programme makers were delighted. Derek was asked back for the following week. Every week for the next five years Derek Acorah was a regular feature on Granada Breeze Television. A new and groundbreaking programme was created called “Psychic Livetime” in which Derek was a main contributor. With the developing interest in the paranormal being evident, Granada Breeze also created two more programmes – “The Psychic Zone” and “Predictions with Derek Acorah”. “Predictions” was the first television programme dedicated wholly to Derek Acorah. The programme was divided in to two sections, the first being Derek conducting readings for a small studio audience. In the second section Derek would be taken out to locations up and down the country where he would open himself up to the atmosphere and vibrations of the historic building in order to convey his findings in front of camera. He would also visit people who had contacted the television company in their own homes, conducting readings for them in front of the cameras.

Owing to the popularity of his contributions to these three programmes and to the fact that they were broadcast world wide, Derek’s name became known in places as far flung as Australia, New Zealand, India and the USA.   From all over Europe and the rest of the world people would make contact in the hope of a reading live on air from Derek Acorah.

In January 1998 Derek travelled to Los Angeles where he took part in various paranormal investigations both in Los Angeles itself and the fabled Hollywood. The pinnacle of the trip for Derek was appearing live on state at the old Vogue Theatre on Hollywood Boulevard. Three years later he was back in California where he shot the pilot of “Connections with Derek Acorah”. This show involved Derek touring the streets of Santa Monica wowing the American public with messages from their loved ones in the world of spirit.

In July 2001 and just before the closure of Granada Breeze Television Derek was asked whether he would be kind enough to donate his services to the making of a proposed new television programme. It was to be called “Haunting Truths”. He agreed to this request. The programme was sold to LivingTV and renamed “Most Haunted”. Derek spent five series and numerous live events demonstrating his phenomenal gift of mediumship and in communication with some of Britain’s most notorious spirits before deciding that it was time to move on.

Upon completion of series 5 in the autumn of 2004 Derek decided that he had done enough investigative mediumship in the format of the programme. Upon voicing his desire to leave “Most Haunted” LivingTV requested that he stay and complete series 6, together with Most Haunted Lives up to October 2005, thus ending his association at Hallowe’en in Hackney, London. There had been good times and there had been bad, and it was with no regret that Derek walked away on 1st November 2005.

He does remember with affection one highlight. In the autumn of 2004 whilst appearing live on stage at Torquay, Derek was shocked to be interrupted by the appearance of Dr. David Bull, the peoples’ favourite presenter and anchor-man of “Most Haunted Live”. David was there to present Derek with the Variety Club of Great Britain Multichannel TV Personality of the Year Award.

Of course Derek has not only been involved with “Most Haunted”. In the Spring of 2003 LivingTV also commissioned IPM’s “Antiques Ghost Show” – a programme which features Derek demonstrating psychometry as he unfolds the mysteries of family heirlooms. Initially aired in the UK, this programme has gone on to receive rave reviews from wherever it has been sold in the world.

Upon voicing his desire to leave “Most Haunted”, LivingTV did not want to lose Derek and so created “Derek Acorah’s Ghost Towns”. This was to be a different format to “Most Haunted” in that instead of concentrating on well known stately homes, castles, etc. the programme would involve the public and high-light their stories of ghostly activity in less well known locations throughout the country. Derek, together with the presenter, would also randomly knock on peoples’ doors in order to offer them a private sitting in the comfort of their own home. Derek was joined for the first two series by Daniella Westbrook and Angus Purden, and for the third and final series, by Myleene Klass and Rhodri Owen.

The 5th November 2005 saw the 400th anniversary of The Gunpowder Plot. Together with Angus Purden, Derek travelled the country visiting key locations in order to retrace the footsteps of Guy Fawkes for the programme “Derek Acorah’s Quest for Guy Fawkes.

In 2007 Derek travelled to Egypt where he filmed “Paranormal Egypt” with Tessa Dunlop. This six part programme was commissioned by LivingTV and produced by Ruggie Media. It was a fascinating programme which gave an insight into the lives and some of the mysteries surrounding the Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt.

Derek’s next television project was a programme titled simply “Derek Acorah” on Sky Real Lives which again proved enormously popular with the viewing public.

Derek’s popularity has led him to be parodied by some of the country’s foremost “names”.   He was delighted at the likeness portrayed by Dawn French as “Dawnie Acorah”, whilst John Culshaw’s and Freddie Starr’s portrayal of him leaves him breathless with laugher.    Derek has appeared on numerous television programmes including “Dr. Who”, “The Paul O’Grady Show”, “Harry Hill’s TV Burp”, “This Morning”, GMTV’s “Lorraine”, “Brainiac”, “The Weakest Link”, “Livin with “Lucy and many, many more.   In 2011 he was invited to join a team of celebrities to take part in the “Five Go To…” series.     Derek found himself based in a villa in Lanzarote where he took part in various challenges to maintain his position in the house.    He considers himself very fortunate to have been placed as runner up in the game.

Derek continued his True Vision tour throughout 2012/2013 and has now embarked on his 2014 Enlightenment Tour which has taken him throughout the UK and Northern Ireland where he astounds people with his level of mediumship accuracy.       Named by some as “the best in the world”, Derek proves this to all every time he steps on to a theatre stage”.